Athletic Training Services

Athletic Training Services

Event Coverage

One of our Licensed and Certified Athletic Trainers can provide event coverage for tournaments, performances, games, or any athletic event where there may be a need for a sports medicine professional. Athletic trainers are equipped to deal with acute injuries including concussions, dislocations, cardiac emergencies, heat illness, sprains, and strains.

Sports Massage

A 30 minute massage geared toward all athletes of all kinds, from world class professionals to weekend joggers. This focuses on areas of the body that are overused or overstressed with the goal of improving recovery time, increasing range of motion, and helping to prevent injury.


(30 Minutes) Cupping Therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine where a cup is placed on the skin to create suction and act as a form of deep tissue massage. This provides many benefits from helping with pain and inflammation to improving blood flow. This technique was made famous by Michael Phelps during the Summer Olympics.


A 30 minute stretch session with the goal of promoting recovery and increasing flexibility. Stretching is an important part to everyone’s quality of life and can be equally as important to health and well-being as exercise itself. Benefits of stretching include injury prevention, postural alignment, reduced stress, increased blood circulation, and improved performance whether its on the field or in the workplace.


Taping can be used to help support injured joints. From ankle sprains to sore wrists, taping can help keep you active while supporting your injured joint. We offer a variety of types from traditional athletic tape to Kinesio Tape.