So much fun!

I love getting to know everyone in my class and achieving our goals together.

New Mentality

DPP helped to change my mentality towards sweets. I don’t look at them the same way, and that helps me to eat less sweet food.

Changed My Life

I’m off medication, vision has improved, and I feel better than ever. Thank you!

Awesome CPR Instructor

Awesome instruction. Val is a wonderful instructor!

CPR Was Awesome

Valerie was awesome at providing directions and answering our questions!

DPP Increased My Awareness

The Diabetes Prevention Classes really increased my awareness of the food I eat and my fitness efforts every day. I am truly appreciative!

Thank you!

Valerie is an awesome teacher/instructor!

Very Thorough

CPR manikins were very modern. Instructor was great!

DPP Changed My Outlook on my Daily Activities

I am not paying more attention to all the food I eat and try to fit in activity all throughout my day. I appreciate how DPP has changed my outlook on my daily activities.